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1) Four weeks ago we started a pilot with a large eastern retailer to improve their supply chain tracking. The results and advantages of our solution were very convincing, so that we won our first large customer. The details are still being discussed, but it looks like we can start (and have our first revenue) in September. We're already pushing for an official announcement.

2) Being too busy with this pilot, our next releases are slightly delayed, but will be launched shortly.

3) We're also in touch with ebay and Amazon to establish our "Original Product Verification" within their latest efforts to crack down counterfeits. We're positive we can announce a direct partnership soon, in the worst case we will join the program indirectly through our partnering brands.

4) Over the past five weeks, we managed to collect 17,000 registered users (on the platform). Yes, these are mostly airdrop hunters, but in order to receive the airdrop after September 24th they will have to download the mobile app, which will not only contain their Authoreon airdrop wallet, but also our first products. This should not only result in a high download rate and ranking in the app stores, but also provide a first international group of early adopters.

5) Having completed the first large marketing round, we're now shifting the focus to crypto investors/traders. We're fully aware that this will only be successful if we have press- / newsworthy announcements, so we're pushing hard for official announcements from our pilots partners.

6) Another very important factor is: "more and bigger exchanges". With the help of very experienced, dedicated, creative and supportive consultants, we're in talks and negotiations with several exchanges. We're positive we can announce new listings soon - or at least the respective agreements.

7) Regarding the token transition we're still waiting for feedback from Austria. All paperwork was handed in, but it's still in review - probably due to the summer- and holiday season.

#Update: We're happy to announce our first Country Managers and local Brand Ambassadors. Join now and apply here:


1) Next release: We're almost done with the Web App, launching shortly.

2) We have quite a few updates/redesigns/rewordings on the Homepage:

3) In preparation for the dApp releases, we published our In-App dApp Store showing the first set of upcoming dApps:
Users can soon subscribe to single paid dApps and activate them from their mobile app or web account.

4) For this reason, users can now already register a free Authoreon account and manage some basic profile settings:

5) As Authoreon enters the [release] stage, we're also launching a competition today to spread the word about Authoreon and its upcoming dApps.
The contest prizes are fully sponsored by 3 of our pilot partners. Their brand/company names will pop up during the campaign:

6) In this context we will re-activate some of our (a little neglected) social media accounts (e.g. Reddit), and tap into new channels such as Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.
We will also update our external dApp listings and add them to the competition.

7) Several marketing, press, growth hacking campaigns are also launching today (it may take a few days until we see results).

8) By the end of the week we'll also have a short video explaining what Authoreon is and why users will need its dApps.

We're positive we'll see good results over the next days and weeks.

Thank you

Contest -


Our revised Tokenomics & Business Model needed a few final touches, but here we go:
We're looking forward to your feedback!

We're happy to announce that the Authoreon A-ID generator & reader Beta App is now available for


You can now test, generate and read an A-ID for some basic features.
The Web App and the first product releases follow shortly!


We have fully completed our unique A-ID, we have just completed the mobile app development and we're ready to release the Android and iOS apps. However, we're still awaiting the app stores' approval (any minute or up to 2 days).

While the iOS app can only be downloaded through the app store, you can meanwhile download and test the Android App from our Homepage:

This week you can generate and read an A-ID for some basic features (e.g. generating an A-ID for your wallet address), while we will have daily releases with some minor bug fixes and improvements to the UI/UX and the code recognition algorithm. With the Code Management System (CMS) and the Mobile Apps completed we can now release our main products on a very fast pace, so we'll start our biweekly releases of the actual products shortly (starting with the original product).

We will also set up a bug bounty program shortly.
Thank you for your patience, we're looking for forward to your feedback!


Dear Community

- We worked hard and especially the devs created nothing less than magic! I'm very proud to have them on board.

- Unfortunately, an external audit discovered a little potential vulnerability that we still need to fix, so I decided to postpone the release to April 15th to make 100% sure all is safe and working as expected.

- Nevertheless, we may let in a few selected beta testers as early as next week. If you're interested, you can apply here:

- With the release we will also announce our first big public partnership.

- We expect to be listed on two more exchanges soon after the launch.

- New Homepage, Marketing & Sales are ready for the launch.

- And then we'll prove this article right:

Thank you for your trust and patience, we're almost there!

Contact -


Quick Update: We had a great time in Switzerland, made a lot of good connections, we signed two more pilot partners (disclosure after successful completion). This week we will finalize the mobile app designs and run extensive code generation and reading tests. Next week we'll talk to a large online marketplace and present our solutions to increase user trust. We will also soon share the specific date of our big March release. Exciting times ahead!