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πŸ’›DOG IS GOD letters reversed.
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shared by: packmember Lsawzaw [@flipprider]( ***πŸ’›***thankQ

shared by: packmember Lsawzaw @flipprider πŸ’›thankQ

✨Moving is still Movement.

Don’t forget the love of the dog !! Unconditional !β™₯️


DIXIE DOG was on also a show called THE PACK with our surf-dog frens. Competition Adventures (like Amazing Race theme) but their Dog as their partner.

They had a safety team for the dogs for flights, stunts, etc. Fun Times bring smiles to so many. Sharing again.

when ya real-eyes Hilter was a good man, this video clip is very amusing. Keep Smiling!
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⬆️ can you spot the little leaf on her chin? haha!

start the week with
movement & a smile.


β€œWill these spots stain???”