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This is to inform Members of the public about the activities of some unscrupulous persons that are impersonating the National Youth Service Corps through fraudulent means on the internet.

For the avoidance of doubt, all services in NYSC with regards to deployment, issuance of kits to Corps Members while at the Orientation Camp, accommodation, feeding, posting and relocation attracts no fee.

Members of the public, especially students, prospective Corps Members, parents, guardians, Corps employers and Corps Members are strongly advised to beware of the activities of these persons whose intent is to defraud them of their resources.

The public is hereby advised to visit any State Secretariat of the NYSC or other formations across the country to seek clarification on issues affecting the Scheme.

In addition, there are up-to-date information on the programmes and activities of the NYSC, which can guide Members of the public on the authenticity and verification of all activities of the Scheme on NYSC Social Media platforms namely; officialnysc on Facebook, officialnyscng on Twitter and Instagram, NYSCDHQ on YouTube, registration portal - www.nysc.gov.ng and website - www.nysc.org.

Henceforth, Management states that the full weight of the law would be applied on any individual or group of persons found advertising anything that borders on the policy of the Scheme on the Social Media.

Thank you.

Eddy Megwa fnipr
Director, Press and Public Relations

Source: NYSC Media
Posted: @nyscmembers

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Let us go on the lighter note this evening.

7 Types Of Graduates You’ll Find In NYSC Camp

All the types of graduates you’ll meet in NYSC camp.

Before you can be mobilised for youth service, you need to graduate first. But there is only one thing only NYSC can teach you: there are graduates and there are graduates. If you know, you know.

1. The ones who speak proper English.
The graduates that set an example for other graduates. Brilliant, or at least can figure their way through things without any trouble.

2. The ones who finished from an institution you’ve never heard of in your entire life.

“Ahan, which school is Fally Ipupa Institute of Agricultural Law again? Is it in this Nigeria?”

3. The ones who spells corper as copper.

“Hai ma name his Jeniva.”

4. The ones who cannot sign the book of life or write a proper letter. Always looking for someone to copy.

“Sister, abeg. Make I see as you take spell your name. Abeg no vex o, wetin be S/N? Shey na surname?”

5. The ones who think their school is the best.

They are quick to insert it into every sentence, every word, every thing they say. These ones, no point arguing with them. They will start racking up long talk until you agree that their school is the best in the whole of Nigeria.

6. The ones who graduated from a foreign university and will not let everyone rest.

The Osuofias who returned from London and landed in NYSC camp. They will always remind you. “Ohmigosh, the heat here is teh-ree-boo. It’s not like this in London, you know?”

7. The ones who don’t believe in ‘One Nigeria’.

Not now, not ever. Which is why when any opportunity of argument happens, they are quick to pick factions and divide by tribe. One Nigeria? Abeg x3.

Source: Kunle Ologunro
Posted: @nyscmembers

Together we are better informed



As National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilization process is about to commence for 'A' Stream II 2023 programme draws near.

We understand that many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) do not know how the NYSC mobilization is done. So, we created this post to inform them.

Below is the process of NYSC mobilization exercise:

1. Clearance in school: NYSC mobilization starts right from this point. Graduates are expected to complete their final clearance in their respective institutions.

2. Get your statement of results: After completing your final clearance, next is to get your statement of results. Statement of results will be needed for registration in NYSC Orientation Camp.

3. Verify your name on JAMB Matriculation list: It’s important to verify your name on the JAMB matriculation list. If your name is not on this list, you will not be able to register for NYSC.

4. Verify your name on the Senate list: Your institution will upload names of those who are eligible to serve on the NYSC portal. After they have uploaded the list, proceed to verify your name.

5. NYSC online registration: Only those whose names are on the NYSC Senate list will be eligible to register for NYSC.

6. Sign up for NYSC: While waiting for your statement of result to be ready, you can proceed to register for NYSC at a Cyber cafe nearest to you. Do well to always cross check/verify all information inputted into the system.

7. Print NYSC your green card: After a successful online registration, next is to print NYSC green card. The green card is an online registration slip that shows personal data ranging from your names, callup no. Graduation date etc

N.B: you might not be able to print your green card immediately, it might take some time

8. Print NYSC Call up letter: After NYSC online registration ends, next is to wait for NYSC call up letter to be out. This letter will show you the state NYSC deployed you, date to report and other vital information.

9. Get the required documents: Make sure all your documents are ready, because you need them in NYSC Orientation Camp for registration. (we will talk more on that later)

10. NYSC orientation camp: Welcome to NYSC camp!!!

Thank you

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Together we are better informed
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