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Jamie Foxx Left ‘Paralyzed And Blind’ Due To Covid Vaccine After Affects, Sources Claim

Stories of actor Jamie Foxx’s health condition these past couple of months have left media and fans alike, confused as to what is really going on. According to sources speaking with Ok! Magazine, details of the Django Unchained star's health have been revealed…

Tommy Robinson News

After initially being censored this week on Twitter, Matt Walsh's 'What is a woman' has now been posted in full on the site, supported by Musk himself.

For those banned from the "free speech haven" of Twitter, like me.

Here it is, in full.

That is pure filth, WTF?????



So a man gets his manhood out, exposing himself to CHILDREN at the Quebec City Museum of Civilization's new "Love me gender" LGBTQIA2S+ exhibit. The man shouts about "white privilege" while honouring a black trans woman to the crowd. How is this stunning…

Tommy Robinson News


We have been informed that Tommy's banned documentary SILENC£D is being shown in a theatre in Florida via Mice Media.

You can find their tweet by CLICKING HERE.

Tommy will address this issue in more detail very soon.

Admin post.


Make sure to check for an email in your spam.

Imagine that.

The American government are telling ILLEGAL MIGRANTS where not to be so they can enter America ILLEGALLY.

Mail Online

'This entire operation is a sad joke!' Border Patrol Union tears into DHS for TELLING migrants and smugglers where and when it'll…

A dispute has arisen between the Department of Homeland Security and the union representing Border Patrol Agents after it announced an operation in El Paso to target those who entered illegally.

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Good morning

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