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[ **for our mutuals and everyone, please do help forward, thank you!** ]

[ for our mutuals and everyone, please do help forward, thank you! ]

We all @KOHLERS excited and gladly introduce of you our special icons collaboration with BLUE LOCK because we’re lined up a huge of 10% DISCOUNT for each them. Yep, on the last sunday of the month 28-31 May 2023. From midday to midnight (GMT).

• Get your Köhler ft BLUE LOCK faves on @KOHIER, you can do discuss first if you have any questions about the icons, here’s our regulations. • For our collegas, send your content to be forward back to @KOHLERSBOT.

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{ 🫧 } . . . A statuesque wench like a queenly goddess whirring exultantly in a turf lavish with motley beauty appurtenances hither lases ༉‧₊˚ > @pperiphery < ❀༉‧₊˚, 🧸 whose beauty can make anyone feel bemused, as well as her eye-catching endeavors thereto,💄make anyone enthralled by her < beaut >, and wore an enchantress' milky gown to entice her c♡mrades' intentness. 🌸 The noble duchess wishes to attract allies to prance and engage in enchantments. As thus, a soul ensnared by her allure could buzz via ʚ @pherymutual_bot bot ♡₊˚ 🦢・₊✧.

{Best wishes to my fellow workers. If you know somebody with a pure and kind heart, please tell them the …

{Best wishes to my fellow workers. If you know somebody with a pure and kind heart, please tell them the good news. Importance: high!}

୨୧  ┈┈°☆♡☆° ┈┈୨୧

Th’ teenybopper, whose cheeks are flushed, is still immersed in his own world, where he is sharing heartwarming tales of the good times he has had with his dog and his pals. He crammed a lot o’ stuff into a little book with stars and rainbow decorations on the cover ✸ ٬٬ ࣪ 📓🎧, including picture collages he created specifically to place on a page and strings of nice lines that, when read together, f’rm a splendorous parnassus ⚶ ׅׄ ׅׄ📜. Similarly, Blythest offers a plethora o’ lovely picture montages and heartfelt sayings, and on April 2 at 10 a.m., we'll be offering a 10% discount to the first 10 customers who spend a minimum of IDR 4,000. Don't miss out; carefully read the regulations, and get that form over to @blythersbot as soon as possible ՞ 𖤝՞.

May your day be as joyful and carefree as that of the teenybopper who never stops laughing ༉‧₊˚

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🏛. salutation to the entire generation which have read this! regardless of the amount of fake news you have to stay vigilant to distinguish between genuine furthermore a fake news, today's original news @threons desire to promptly be open for the separate numerous durations epoch, you can check the catalog here: { catalogue } it would be marvelous to meet you let's go shopping, connect to @baikhyun. ✦



Today at 8.30 PM, @kohlers will opening the batch again with new catalog! The price is start from 8-11k and you can pay it through QRIS (no rate).

⬇️ New catalog, fresh from the oven! ⬇️
⬇️ TnC & more catalogs ⬇️

Prepare your form and send it to @kohIer! 👋

**{ D**ear my beloved mutuals or anyone who sees this message, a five second tap and forward won't hurt anyone, …

{ Dear my beloved mutuals or anyone who sees this message, a five second tap and forward won't hurt anyone, mind to do the same to mine? Much Obliged! 🤍 }

Salubrious day, dear everyone! In this sunny day, finally ESTELLARD is opening the gates for anyone who wants to promote your stuff everyday. We provide: Jastip Regular, Package Offer, Package FP, Package BA, and WTB Service. Don’t worry, we will serve you with the high quality service. We will start opening on March 31st, 2023 at 16.00 WIB. For further information, you can check our official channel @Estellard.

But before that, kindly check our regulations and choose what you need. Don’t forget to take your order form here. And send it to our assistant @AsteriestBot. See you, dear mortal! 😉

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Store melayani 426++ divisi dengan 11k+ Testimoni (@EmpireTesti) sudah memiliki banyak sub unit, serta sudah berjalan selama 2 tahun lamanya !! ayo cari kebutuhan kamu disini !!


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{🌬..} It appears to be transcendent captivating cockcrow to appreciate amidst other pulchritude anthology in a neighborhood where pink-haired ponies cannikin hotfoot it around without susceptibility anxious, where the windblast whooshes delightfully, where the environment is consistently illumination furthermore without any onyx ol' buttermilk sky.

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