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this is what it feels like sometimes when telling people about health issues that can be avoided like plastic, emf, …

this is what it feels like sometimes when telling people about health issues that can be avoided like plastic, emf, polyester, blue light etc

no, there is no being 'scared' of things

logically once you are aware of something that isn't good for you, you should take steps to mitigate that exposure.

to do otherwise out of some fake bravado or the inability to accept where you've made a mistake is foolish

epic comic skills by me

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🌞 Sol Nation 🌞


The world and the people around you, either intentionally or otherwise will give you every reason to doubt yourself, to make you think you’re crazy, wrong or just that you should do it another way

your internal compass is the only thing that you can know is TRUE.

The motivations of others you can never truly know, but you CAN know yourself - however this means honestly seeing yourself, not a fake image

One of the devil’s greatest tricks is to get you to doubt yourself, to doubt your KNOWING. If he can do that, then he can prevent you from you doing what you are meant to do - your destiny (which is your intuitive Guidance and voice inside).

In every situation there is a lesson, in every interaction and relationship a deeper meaning but never let these scenarios or circumstances or people control or dissuade you to do what in your heart you know is right for you at this moment in time.

You can never go wrong with pursuing that deep truth that’s YOURS and yours alone, rooted from the higher powers that can’t be tricked because it’s just you and your connection to God.

Your faith will be tested; that is the name of this game, yet within that testing comes a fortitude and strength that is ever more valuable the deeper you go.

Negative ‘entities’ do not have to control you or visibly harm you in order to ‘succeed’

All they have to do is waste your time.

We can understand negative entities as anything that drains your energy or seeks to control your mind's attention.

If they can do this - by making you doubt yourself, having you think over nonsense, being fearful, simply draining your energy - then they have won.

This is why it’s so important to guard your mind and protect your energy

Spend too much time around certain people under the influence of drugs, alcohol, other negative forces and you will be dragged down alongside with them

By wasting your time then they can decrease the amount of impact you have and reduce the amount of good that you you do in this world

Idle hands are the devils plaything… and an unguarded mind will be steered to a road that leads nowhere

Trust yourself, don't be waylaid by external forces

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Cooking videos coming to sol club members soon solclub.me


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