MoonEdge Announcements

MoonEdge Announcements


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Join our Epic MoonEdge Quiz Today!

Join our Epic MoonEdge Quiz Today!

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Our Rebirth is just around the corner! Brace yourself for a thrilling journey to the lunar surface and beyond. ***🌕******💫*** #MoonEdge

MoonEdge Announcements
**Zombunnies x MoonEdge Update**You can find the list of whitelisted wallets and their respective Zombunnies minting limit here:

Zombunnies x MoonEdge UpdateYou can find the list of whitelisted wallets and their respective Zombunnies minting limit here:
Zombunnies x MoonEdge Results⚠️ Zombunification begins – 31st October ⚠️

Zombunnies minting details:
Date: UTC 4PM October 31st - Halloween
Whitelisted price: 0.09 ETH
Mint duration: 48 hours

**Zombunnies x MoonEdge Exclusive Whitelist Opportunity**ChainGuardians are launching their First Person Shooter (FPS) game this Halloween.

Zombunnies x MoonEdge Exclusive Whitelist OpportunityChainGuardians are launching their First Person Shooter (FPS) game this Halloween.

They are giving a chance to participate in their private minting event to the MoonEdge community!

There are only 666 Zombunnies at a 25% discount price than public mint.
Whitelist Price: 0.09 Eth per NFT
Limit: 2 per wallet
Mint date: 31st Oct 4:00PM UTC

It will be one of the first experiences in the cryptoverse. Leaderboards with earning incentives and 3 game modes: Survival, Co-op and Battle Royale.

*👉 Fill the following form to have a chance to be whitelisted:*

Zombunnies have a bunch of utilities tied back to the CG ecosystem.
- Early access to new game modes
- In game mystery weapon drops to Zombunny NFT owners.
- Boostscore points on their launchpad (
- Future integration into Cryptoverse (CG Metaverse)


**Planet Mojo NFT minting**

Planet Mojo NFT minting

Thank you all for participating in the sale!

How to claim your Mojo NFT:

1️⃣ Go to the Portfolio tab on our official website.
2️⃣ Find the Mojo NFT allocation card.
3️⃣ Click on the Go to claim page button; you will be redirected to the Planet Mojo's website, where the minting will take place.
4️⃣ Connect your wallet and switch to the Polygon chain.
5️⃣ Sign the authentication transaction.
6️⃣ Press Mint Mojo NFTs, then Mint button. You will need to pay a small gas fee in MATIC.

👉 Minting walkthrough: here

🌳 One Mojo - One Tree campaign
After minting, you can choose the continent where you want your new tree to be planted.

🔥Mojo NFT Uniqueness
🔹4 Rarity Levels
🔹1 Mojo + 4 Champions NFT Airdrop
🔹Early access to 100% fun-first games
🔹And more..
Planet Mojo: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord

A special thanks to Polkastarter for this guide❤️

Planet Mojo INO: Minting Update!



Minting will be available to all INO participants on June 8, starting at 5PM UTC***👀******🚀***…

**Planet Mojo INO: Minting Update!**

Planet Mojo INO is now open to Tier 3, 4 & 5! 🚀

**Planet Mojo INO** ***🚀***

Planet Mojo INO 🚀

When: June 3, 3PM UTC
Total Raise: 50k
NFT price: $1000 (only 50 NFTs available)What Do You Get? 5 NFTs for the price of 1!

✅Approved KYC by 5PM UTC, June 2
✅Actively staking in any Tier

On the day of the INO, each tier will get unlocked according to the following schedule:

Round 1 (June 3)
🔸At 3:00PM UTC: open for Tier 5
🔸At 3:30PM UTC: open for Tier 3, 4, 5
🔸At 4:00PM UTC: open for Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
⚠️Limited to one NFT per user

Round 2 (June 4)
🔸Start at 3:00PM UTC
🔸Open for Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
⚠️Each user can get a second NFT

***📢***MoonEdge AMA Alert***📢***

📢MoonEdge AMA Alert📢

Join us on Thursday June 2 @ 3PM UTC in our TG chat to learn about Planet Mojo & their unique game in preparation for their INO!🚀

During the #AMA, 5 participants will win $50 in $MOONED!