💎ZeusCalls 📈

💎ZeusCalls 📈


For all levels of cryptocurrency investors Provide a place to find Gems and WL | #BSC #ETH |
promotions contact : @ZEUSOW

Subscribers: 10,974


🔶@Needollars WL
🔶@ainomadic01 WL
💡DM: @TheLordoftheGods


🪙@Blackbutlerer 5USDT
😀@Inotik1712 WL
💡DM: @TheLordoftheGods


🪙@Todayrich_01 5USDT
🔶@Putishestvie44 WL
🔶@Guccichin WL
💡DM: @TheLordoftheGods

*****🔥***PANDA COIN |** **$PAND**You can pay attention, there is a small amount of marketing

*🔥PANDA COIN | $PAND*You can pay attention, there is a small amount of marketing

*Contract: 0xDBb65227FBB3F032C3FdF3145401163d4297f028*✅Presale Link**: https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0x82FFbCCA713a6Dfff189311146730747c4E5939D?chain=BSC

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Renounced, Contract Remains Unchanged Forever
Community-Driven Memecoin
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⭐️Website: https://pandacoin.net/
⭐️Twitter: https://twitter.com/PandaCoin_BSC
⭐️*Telegram Group*: https://t.me/PandaCoinBSC
⭐️**Telegram Channel: https://t.me/PandaCoin_Channel

5USDT giveaway

5USDT giveaway

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🔥Welcome To GRUINU | The rise of Inu | Presale live MAY 23th 14:30 UTC⚪️

💎Advantages of GruInu:
🟡 Audited
🟡 Renounce Contract At Launch
🟡 Low cap
🟡 4% Buyback and Burn
🟡 BASED dev
🟡 Massive Marketing
🟡 CGK/CMC 24hours At Launch
🟡 CEX listing in Plan
🟡 DApp Stake

⚪️Pinksale URL: https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xe4AD9ae909eF0a4A27a7613EA5FD5aeEF493aA75?chain=BSC

🌍 Website Twitter Telegram Portal 🇨🇳中国社区 🇹🇷 Türkiye


🟢@Todayrich_01 5USDT
🟢@Unique2013 T2 Wl
🟢@soshashh31 T2Wl

💡DM: @TheLordoftheGods

***🤫***Welcome MrBeanInu | Leader Of Meme Season ***💎***

🤫Welcome MrBeanInu | Leader Of Meme Season 💎
🔶 MrBeanInu is a meme project for the meme-loving community as well as Mr. Bean characters around the world. Real profits for smart investors - 3% USDT will automatically add to your wallet when you hold $MRBEAN.

Advantages of MrBean Inu:
 Renounce Contract At Launch
📈 Low MC $28,881
🎁 3% $USDT Reflection
 BASED dev
📯 Massive Marketing
🦎 CGK/CMC listing at Launch
💠 Big Partners
🕊 Influencers Twitter & Reddit

Presale on PinkSale:

✔️Offical link : https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xfA1f4c539EcE7CA16dDd696f5db052Bd2962Ca49?chain=BSC
✔️Soft Cap / Hard Cap 35 / 60 BNB
Presale Start: 14:15 (UTC) MAY 10th
➡️Join Whitelist : https://gleam.io/competitions/WL2iS-mrbeaninu-whitelist-presale

You miss $OGGY's ? Don't miss $MRBEAN

🌍 Website 📱 Telegram Group 📱 Telegram Channel 🕊 Twitter

***🐸*** **PEPE INU 100X**


😄 Doanh nhân pepe có kế hoạch trở thành người dẫn đầu tất cả các Pepe's với các nhà tài chính lạc quan của mình, Pepe đang theo đuổi 100 lần mới với túi tiền tiếp thị và nền tảng tài chính lớn của mình, CHÀO!

🌍 Anh ấy sẽ làm mọi người ngạc nhiên với 5 lần mua lại BNB mỗi giờ sau khi ra mắt, điều đó có nghĩa là 120 lần mua lại BNB trong một ngày.

🚀Join Pepe's new 100x adventure and become one of Pepe's partners in Business!

🟢MAY 8, 1PM UTC-0
🟢HC--> 70 BNB
🟢Min/Max --> 0.1-0.4 BNB


🟢 BUY 10%  🔴SELL 10%
7% Token Rewards - 3% Marketing

5 BNB per Hour!

🚨We will buy 5 bnb worth of tokens and burn, every hour!

📞Dm for Whitelist/Collab -> @adamjoep

👍Telegram | 🌍 Website |👍Twitter

1️⃣ Join 👇


2️⃣ Say : /ZeusCalls_Gems send me

3️⃣ Comment "Done" under this post
Continuously brushing messages, disqualifying

We will check all winners don't cheat
📣 Winners will be announced on  after 24 hours.

🔥 Good luck everyone!

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Welcome to PEPEBOB ***🐸*** ***💎*** Created by a dedicated team with the PEPEBOB community, for 1000x Potential! ***✅*** Previous project 50× ***✅*** 3% tax - daily holders' USDT reward ***✅*** 3% tax - keeping buyback $PEBO ***🌐*** https://pepebob.com/ ***🐦*** https://twitter.com/Pepebob\_

***🎁***GIVEAWAYS 5USDT ***💲***×1+1WL

*☹️ Welcome to PepeBob ($PEBO) 🐸**☄️* Join the PepeBob Revolution: Ride the Meme Coin Wave with the Power of PePe for 1000X!

👑 $PEBO is backed by an experienced marketing team with 40X return in the previous project

💎 We started a huge marketing plan and we will do great things with PepeBob!

🔥 Be Part of New X1000 Story with your lovely PepeBob!

*🔥 PepeBob brings together the worlds of memes, AI, and finance.*✅ Text-to-image AI Apps
NFT Marketplace
PepeBob Swap

*🔥 PepeBob Holder Benefits:
Revenue sharing from NFT marketplace for holders
10% Buy/Sell Tax, 3% reward to holders
Free unlimited access to apps
* High upside potential with previous project has grown 40X

⚡️ Ownership Renounce At Launch
⚡️ PepeBob experienced marketing team

🔔 If you miss PEPE, don't miss PepeBob which has the same chance of success.

➡️ Whitelist PRESALE on Pinksale on 2023.05.11 14:00 (UTC) 🚀**STILL EARLY, JOIN US NOW!🌎 Website|📱 Telegram Ann|👍 Telegram Chat|🕊 Twitter|🟥 Youtube | 📄 Substack|📔 Gitbook |🤖** Reddit