The Pacific North West Wolfpack is a religious organization whose mission is the propagation of traditional family values, the rebuilding of our ancestral family structures, community building and the dissemination of our Native Europen Faith.

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Should we run this with the two empty spots or wait? We have the Lyre and some mead on deck for the next raffle after this is complete.

There’s a couple more spots to fill on this. If they don’t fill today , we will run this tonight.

You guys ready for this Major raffle?!

Just a reminder. Tomorrow the Wolfpack and vetted guests are gathering for Mayday celebration at Freysland.

The thing begins at noon (Wolfpack only)

Mayday celebration begins at 3. Pot luck, so bring your best dish.

Hail the Gods! Hail the folk! And Hail the doers!


If you have played in a raffle and have not won, put your name in the comments. We will do a drawing of all the players that have not won.
The winner of that drawing will get a slot of choice in the major raffle.

Thank you all for your contribution!

Raffle Winner Announcements!

2 Drawings

First Drawing is for the Beaded Odin Necklace in our first posted raffle located here:

Winner for that raffle is spot #1

The second raffle drawing is for the mini raffle here:

First Place is spot #3
Second Place is spot #9

Congratulations to all of you. Thank you for your continued support and contributions!

Hail Freyr!

Mini Raffle 7 closed. Drawing for Beaded Necklace Raffle and Mini Raffle 7 coming up shortly.

3 spots left!

Mini raffle 7 Major raffle

Mini raffle 7 Major raffle

11slots @ $7
2 Winners
Slots 1 and 11 can be claimed two for the price of one.

The first winner selects 1 slot on the main or a Mjolnir medallion with rune set beaded necklace made by our kinsman Kurt. Your choice.
Cash app $pnwwp

3. @Project_Algiz
6. Dale
7.project Algiz

We had our first bonus spot winner in the Major Raffle. Kiah picked spot 11 and won a free slot.

One more free bonus spot available! Will you pick that spot?

Just 9 slots left before we can draw winners for the major raffle.



We had our first bonus spot winner in the Major Raffle. Kiah picked spot 11 and won a free slot.