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My purpose, my duty, and my pleasure. ❤️🤍🎬

"Find your life purpose, do that for a living," me.

Very happy to walk this journey with you!!

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Institional Rearrangement of the international monetary eystem: The Depression


The American Depression According To Those Who Were There | When The World Breaks | Timeline

An investigation into the use of creativity, art and entertainment as a form of survival during the Great Depression of 1929. Parallels are drawn between the creativity generated during the Great Depression and the global recession of 2009. It's like Netflix…

1958 May 18

Aldous Huxley, social critic and author of Brave New World, talks to Wallace about threats to freedom in the United States, overpopulation, bureaucracy, propaganda, drugs, advertising, and television.

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I was mauled by a Beagle when I was about 5 or 6.

My parents didn't call for a ban on all Beagle ownership.

I went on to fight against legislation that was, frankly, stupid FOR DECADES entirely based on fear-mongering by Fox News.

Get over it.
Be like Bill.

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Behind the scenes is my gig.

All day. Every day....

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